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Our EMOTION PLAY CENTER Curriculum will be available for purchase with Interest Free Financing for 18 months with 20% down. No social-emotional preschool program is complete without it. See immediate response and results from your children. https://www.youtube.com/@MeetYourEmotions


Contact us NOW to place your order:  FFEC@me.com

This website has been developed over the years to serve, first and foremost, as a "data center" for Emotional Literacy material related primarily to preschool age children. There are dozens of links that will provide readers with considerable information regarding all of our work in this field, articles by others, various evidence based sources and countless insights into this very important subject matter.

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We are a Specialty Education (Preschool Emotional Literacy), Public Relations, Advertising/Marketing & Licensing company focused on Early Childhood Development of Emotional Literacy (i.e., preschool through 2nd Grade) and how Nonprofits, Corporate America, the Legal Community, Professional Sports Industry and other industries can play an important leadership role in a child's emotional [literacy] education development. 

- Our Specialty Education focus centers on the very established evidence based research that ties emotional literacy to the long term developmental well-being of all children, and ultimately to adulthood - it is who we are. NO other entity has combined the accepted practices of dealing with Emotional Literacy into a complete package that children will enjoy and participate in without urging. We've been doing it since 2007 with results, after spending the previous decade creating the foundational elements.

- Our Public Relations abilities are unmatched when it comes to creating a campaign whereby any company can show its interest in preschoolers developing "emotional literacy skills" while having fun doing so. It's a surefire means of showing corporate interest in a child's overall behavior by supporting how they understand and keep in touch with their emotions. No industry on the planet earth should consider itself disconnected from this part of human behavior. 

- Our Advertising/Marketing focus is our unprecedented method as to how we can create a beneficial approach for children to respond to sports activity, technology or the arts while developing their emotional literacy and life-balance. Also, how our Patented Learning System can be integrated into almost any major business' A & M campaign, or serve as a stand alone campaign.

- Our Licensing department allows us to explore and expand into areas of products that provide interactive stimuli for children during their most important developmental years and partnering with others to develop new ways to introduce "EL" to children. In its early days my company was mentored by the late, great 1999 Licensing Hall of Fame member Jack Weissman along with his introduction of us to 2013 member Bernie Leifer.

The focus of each of our departments is to shine a light on how our youngest children develop emotionally and later interact with others. Much is said about "diversity" today...too often without making an actual link with Emotional Literacy. We take the position that, there cannot be meaningful diversity unless a healthy dose of emotional literacy is developed early and correctly. The sooner a child's emotions are properly honed, then regularly engaged, evidence based research has demonstrated that their preparedness for and acceptance of diversity has a more reliable opportunity to blossom as they grow with the emotional literacy skills to incorporate their emotions into all of life's experiences.

Our Primary Corporate Mission is to have our EnDucate™ Learning System in every Licensed Private Childcare center and Head Start classroom throughout the USA and Canada. This specialized Resource Material will be donated at no cost to these facilities.

"Affordable and enriching childcare has largely become a daily struggle for parents and providers, but we must not be deterred, the fates of our future leaders hang in the balance, we must fight the good fight, anything less would be unacceptable." 

Marilyn Lewis, CEO

We are proud to announce that effective Oct. 23, 2012 we became the ONLY Patented Preschool Emotional Literacy Learning System in America (and likely the world, based on our searches). U.S. Patent No. 8,292,627

We thank you in advance for every visit.


Throughout this information based website you will find many links that will further support or inform you on the subject of Emotional Literacy and its efficacy. Please take your time and examine these links and you will find that an entire new understanding of children's emotional health will open up to you. 

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